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About us

Aims and Objectives


The general aim of Sandwell Academy is to maximise student performance in all its forms.

We offer a broad curriculum which includes the National Curriculum with the opportunity of specialising in Physical Education and Business Enterprise.

In the Post 16 phase, we provide a wide range of vocational and academic opportunities for students of all abilities, emphasising opportunities in Physical Education, Sport, Business Enterprise and use of Information Technology when appropriate.



• To improve attendance to that above local and national average.

• To develop qualities of enterprise, self reliance and responsibility.

• To involve, as fully as possible, the wider community, including industry, business, commerce and parents in the education and training of the students.

• To operate a longer school day.

• To share research with the neighbouring schools and the educational community and where possible support collaborative developments locally.

• To remove the artificial barrier that exists between vocational and A-Level courses.

• To improve Post 16 staying on rates to those comparable with France, Germany, USA and Japan.

• To deliver the National Curriculum with extra Physical Education and Business Enterprise.

• To develop students as independent learners, preparing them for life long learning.

• To ensure that all students obtain their educational entitlement, irrespective of gender, religion or special need.

Specialism and Vision

The distinctive combination of Sport and Business Enterprise supports the Academy in a determination to deliver a genuinely personalised curriculum for all and will allow the Academy to impact on attainment at all levels.


Physical Education and Sport

Physical Education and Sport Students receive a broad physical education experience with Year 7 currently receiving 4 1/2 hours curriculum time per week. In particular there is a focus on developing healthy lifestyles and providing opportunities for leadership.

Physical Education and Sport is a popular Sixth Form choice and all students are encouraged to participate in our sport and recreation programme and follow an individualized fitness programme.

The support of West Bromwich Albion Football Club not only through the Academy’s location, but through their involvement as Sponsors and Governors, reinforces the specialism and its impact on student motivation and achievement.                                                                                                                                                                              


Business Enterprise

Business Enterprise Business concepts are studied from Year 7 and initially integrated into the Design and Technology curriculum. Opportunities for students to develop enterprise skills are mapped across subject areas and enterprise schemes available to further develop work in this area. A range of Business and ICT courses are offered in the sixth form with local industry involved in the delivery and design of the curriculum.

The Academy’s expectation and dress code emphasise a business like approach to education and influences the culture throughout student life.

Our extra curricular programme gives students a chance of opportunities which complement and extend their education these range from sporting, cultural, musical, performing and community activities and form an integral part of the timetable.

A house system was established in September 2007 to complement fixtures with other schools and provide competitive opportunities for students field trips, visits, and residential visits are a regular feature of the students education at the Academy.

The Thomas Telford Multi Academy Trust

Sandwell Academy is part of the Thomas Telford Multi Academy Trust (TTMAT), established in September 2017. The MAT currently consists of three secondary schools; Madeley Academy, Sandwell Academy and Walsall Academy.


TTMAT has a unique flat management structure that provides the Headteachers of each Academy with the autonomy, independence and accountability to take full responsibility for running their Academy. TTMAT has established a small management team that has been set up to provide advice and support and ensure that through effective communication and collaboration opportunities to work together serve the collective efforts to further raise standards. 

The key aim for TTMAT is to provide academic environments where students have the opportunity to achieve their personal best and where individual talents, in all forms, can be maximised. 

You can visit the TTMAT Site here.

Our Location

Halfords Lane, West Bromwich

Our Location

Our Location
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